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No love is lost in flowers, regardless of the price; the gesture of giving flowers is tantamount to sharing your thoughts with someone who fills your heart.

Lily’s Fullerton Florist uses a wide variety of flowers in our cheap flower selection. Don’t blink; feast your eyes unto the unbelievably cheap flower arrangements that are as good as a luxurious floral masterpiece.

Get a fuzzy feeling with Somewhere Over the Rainbow, for only $49, variegated colourful flowers can already sweep your day towards happiness and positivity.

At a low $39, you can already send some warm get well wishes or a wonderful welcome to a new bundle of joy with our Pink and White Delight, the gentle yet charming collaboration of white daisies and pink roses are irresistibly cute!

Be one with your imagination as you pour sunset colors all over our Sweet Orange bouquet. With this kind, you won’t ever have to face a dull day and it’s only $35!

Laugh all you want because there is no stopping you especially with our Laugh Out Loud. This floral gift is an absolute show stopper led by large, brimming with brightness yellow lilies plus a variety of rich, colourful fresh blossoms.

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