If Cupid is a matchmaker, then roses are the caretakers.

Roses are the ever-present blossoms in the different phases of a relationship. At the beginning, you give roses to someone your heart longs for. Then your feelings get accepted, you give roses to the love of your life to celebrate your relationship even more. Marriage happened, roses embellished the grand occasion. Hearts became broken and roses served as your peace offering.

Roses has truly made a mark in the different milestones of our life. Our Roses collection is our florists tribute to a flower which accompanied us, our family and friends in each moment, happy or sad, from birth till passing. Our team would want to continue this by delivering fresh from the farm roses, handcrafted to the finest floral arrangements to your homes and your recipients.

Our selection of rose arrangements features classic and modern designs that will fancy your preference no matter what color or kind of rose you want. Order before 2 PM on a weekday and we will send your flowers the same day. On Saturdays, order by 10 AM to send you same day flowers. We are focused on getting your roses to the right places to create the right moments.

Roses are also a woman’s best friend and a man’s best wing-man. Order yours now from Lily’s Florist Fullerton.

Feel awesome with an oomph of color madness with our Color Wow! Aside from the obvious wow sensation of this magnificent all-around arrangement, it can also give you goosebumps with the presence of equally gorgeous flowers like carnations, freesias, and hydrangeas.

Do you know what transpires when you give someone roses? Magic Happens! If you want to enamor someone with fantastic peach, white, and yellow roses – well this is the most apt gift you could give. It’s even ready for display! Make someone’s day great, send this arrangement now.

It used to be your favorite song but now, it’s going to be your favorite flower arrangement! Come on Eileen surprises you with an abundance of pinks and purples. You surely know how to please someone with flowers if you choose this to give as a present.

It can be an anniversary gift, a solemn offering, or a welcome gesture for a newborn baby. Our White Rose Basket chooses no occasion. It just mesmerizes and impresses your recipient with its pureness, innocence, and divine appearance no one can deny.

Take a whiff without ifs, order our fantastic rose arrangements now.

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